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I really seem to continue to lead from behind at my office. I know that is the best place to be in general. Snarky comments accepted. I really have a touch time knowing that I have had enough diverse positions in my career (comments again) to do pretty much half of the work required for my project, and do it better than half the people on my team.

I've reached the point of screaming about 4 times today. I'm now to the point of laughing manicly. I'm writing emails explaining how this project is going to fail without actually saying so. It means I am defining the end of my career at the company slowly but surely. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about that. If I time it right and my future continues on it's path I might move to CO with some lucky young man.

I'm missing vital pieces of information and all the key players are on vacation. No one is willing to commit to taking the next step, and the decisions made before I got here are crippling us. AND NO ONE IN THE GOV'T IS ON VACATION! WTF



Cursed Hobby

Have I picked a cursed hobby?

3 weeks ago the horse I have started to ride broke my toe. Today he spooked and threw me off his back. 

My toe is basically healed. I'm in a fair amount of pain from the fall, but I came down snow angel style which is about as safe as you can land. Nothing broken, no cracks in the my helmet. I got right back on the horse and finished my lesson. He spooked. I'm out of practice enough that I did not have enough control of my own body or his. But really. 

On other notes, we made it though Sandy with only 3 days of no power. I know we really need a generator. It's on the long list of things we need to do and get. We have more pressing and expensive things to take care of at the house. 

All in all life keeps happening.

to do lists

My to do lists are getting out of control:

La Belle
Finding a new job

It's a whole lot of work trying to just list everything out, but I need to try.


Another day done, and a busy weekend

There is a busy weekend a foot and a short week ahead. How am I going to get everything done in such a short period of time.

Anyone got a time machine they can lend me? Seriously folks, got any ideas to make time double?

Giving up on Lyme treatments

I've had it with my Lyme doctor. I've had a bruised vein for 2+ months, it appears to be a superficial thrombophleitis if the intarwebs are correct. The Lyme Doc's IV nurse said it's nothing and has not treated it. At this point I am pissed. Second reason to be pissed, not being contacted when my doctor was running 90 minutes or more late when I had to drive 45 minutes to get there. Third reason, I've been on drugs for over a year and I don't think I'm going to be getting any better at this point and insurance doesn't cover any of it.

I'm seeing my GP next week to let them know everything about where I am with the treatment I had. I asking for an evaluation of my vein, a comprehensive blood test for Lyme and co-factors, and a check for blood sugar and blood pressure because out of the blue I've been fainting (haven't done that in 15 years).

Maybe I've made a huge mistake. I do know an infectious disease specialist who is covered by my insurance. I will go back to him if I feel a turn coming on. I don't expect to be babied or taken care of, I just want to be given respect.


Wierd dream - wtf

Scorpions - what the heck to scorpions mean?

I was having to dodge them and trying to step on their stingers so they couldn't sting me first (I had shoes on).

Whatever this is I have to work it out, I don't want another dream like that.


Downward spiral again

My mental capacity is dropping off again. I guess this means the drugs are doing the right thing and stirring up a new batch of Lyme bacteria to kill.

Sucks though not being able to remember things for long.

On another medical note my ablation is scheduled for July 7th now. So it will be a very short week in the office. 1 day in the office in fact. Monday is a holiday, Tuesday I work and bring home my laptop. Wednesday I have the procedure, so no work. Thursday, I might work from home, probably do about an hour of email. Friday I might work from home, probably do a couple hours of work. I'll probably do a little catch up Sat/Sun so as not to loose 3 full days of leave.  

I like short weeks.


Thai Cooking

I've had my second Thai Cooking class of this series.

The first class was:
Tom Kha Gai
Drunken Noodles
Mothers Day Banana Tapioca pudding

The second class was:
Thai 'pesto' grilled chicken
Green papaya salad
Larb Gai
Sticky Rice

I can't wait for the third class the weekend after Father's Day.

I can't wait to feed my friends.


I am the evil cat mommy

I have belled the cat again, and collared him and slowed down his feeding and generally become the EVIL MOMMY.

Bailey lost his collar a week ago. After a wek of not being able to find it I went to the store today and bought him a teal blue collar with a bell and a new tag. I also bought him a portion control ball, a stainless steel weighted ball to fit in his bowl that he has to move aside to get at his food. He eats way too fast. So now he is mad at me for putting a collar on him again and slowing down his fast eating.

Too bad so sad. He's such a LSPC (long suffering pussy cat).


Medical update

No historectomy!

We are going for a Novasure endometrial ablation. It's got about a 50% chance of ridding me of symptoms, and a 50% chance of knocking my symptoms down to really really manageable. So either way I'm a winner. it's out patient and I only miss a day or two of work.

This will happen in early July by the look of things. That's as soon as the calendars open up in the hospital.